Making great food accessible & affordable.
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Our Company

The Pop Magic



Crafting and building unique eating experiences
with data and tech

Our 3 competitive advantages enabling better quality and lower prices


Food powered by AI & data

With artificial intelligence powering our tech, along with thousands of data points, this enables culinary innovation, producing a variety of meals that our customers love.


Automated cooking equipment & digital quality control

We take pride in our state-of-the-art smart kitchens with automated devices, producing meals efficiently with robust quality control and zero wastage.


Constantly improving through customer feedback

Our recipes constantly evolve and get even better overtime and we do this faster than legacy food brands. All of this is possible via various customer touchpoints within our ecosystem such as in-app ordering. Customers are able to leave their ratings and comments that feeds directly into our food engine that’s controlled by our R&D team.

Our Brand

The Pop Promise



Out of 8903 reviews

Hazwan Ali

Hazwan Ali

Foods all nice and delicious. So far the drivers are friendly with a bright smile. The website and phone apps easy to use. Overall, 5 stars for you guys. Good job, and hope you can maintain this 5 stars service.

Siti Nurhaliza

Siti Nurhaliza

The menu was so easy to use and easy to handle. A friendly user interface and a very good set of menu with the best of Malaysian food out there. Thank you for the wonderful service

Misha Fahmi

Misha Fahmi

Had a seamless experience placing my order on Pop Meals' website. Looking forward to lunch, every single time I order with you guys. :) Keep up the great work!