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Pop Meals @ DPulze Cyberjaya

What makes Mee Kari a truly Malaysian dish? It's the: 1. Rich, delicious coconut-based broth. The combination of creamy coconut milk and flavourful spices is utterly addicting! 2. Classic yellow noodles, slices of tender chicken, bean sprouts, long beans, fish cake, tofu puffs! All must haves! 3. A perfectly boiled egg! Could it get any better? Yes it can! Pair it with a cold Teh Ais Padu at only RM13.99! Order our Kombo Nasional now! 📸 shoutout to @amaris.official for the pose 😍

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Korang #gengbiru ke #gengkuning? Iena suka Nasi Kerabu Ayam Goreng dari @popmeals_my 😁 So iena #gengbiru hehe.. Korang da cuba ke belum? Klu blm and nk cuba. Guna code POPJUARA5 utk Enjoy RM5 OFF utk first order. Bukan nasi kerabu je. Istimewa ramadhan ni ade nasi kunyit ayam goreng jugak tau. Atau korang blh order mcm iena ni dapat dua2 sekali and dapat kuih dan jugak air. Haa order Kombo nikmat ramadhan set berbaloi tau😁😁

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Noodles that will satisfy those hunger pangs instantly!

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BERBUKA MAKAN NASI KERABU & NASI KUNYIT AYAM GORENG | @popmeals_my ⠀ ⠀ Sempurnakan set Berbuka Puasa anda dengan Pop Meals! Hanya dengan RM33.99 untuk Kombo Nikmat Ramadan Set Berbaloi.

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Tak nak keluar rumah, penat nak masak tapi lapar. Hah! Korang boleh order dari @popmeals_my . . Pelbagai hidangan menarik boleh dicuba. Ada mi kari, nasi ayam goreng kunyit dan pelbagai lagi. Apatah sekarang ada Kombo Nasional, set hidangan yang datangnya dengan air minuman sekali. . . Dan korang juga boleh sertai challenge yang dianjurkan.

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Tried out the Golden Salted Egg Butter Chicken. I love the golden gravy a lot. Very very captivating! Swipe to the end for a golden surprise! Setia Alam just added Pop Meals to the family yo Oh and btw, do you know you can get a free whopping RM18? That’s right! I ain’t kidding. Rating: 8.5/10 📍Location: Pop Meals, Setia City Mall Install the PopMeals app, go to rewards section and key in the code PERRYQWF to redeem your RM18. There is a saying there’s no such thing as a free lunch. With my promo code, your lunch can be free! #malaysia #foodie #butter #chicken #selangor #popmeals.

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“...well-positioned to serve the growing demand for food delivery services in Southeast Asia with its unique, technology-forward approach...”

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At Pop Meals, the safety and health of our customers and employees come first.
We have outlined the following preventive and protective measures to ensure that we minimize risks related to the spread of COVID-19.

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All safety measures are subject to change in real-time as we continue to adapt to the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.